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Gift Exchange Party

Posted by Princess Phant on Thursday, May 28, 2009
So, how does this game differ from a gift exchange? you might ask. Well, first of all, ordinary gift exchange parties aren’t hosted by King Thibaw of Burma and overseen by his glamorous daughter, Princess Phant. That’s me, by the way. So I know what I’m talking about: this is far more than a standard White Elephant Gift Exchange party! There’s the emphasis on the word “party”, for another thing. Where would the fun be in just clicking buttons to swap gifts? No, Albinophant wants to make this a real fun experience for you and your friends and family. That’s… Read the rest »

The real story of white elephant gift giving

Posted by Princess Phant on Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Have you ever wondered why we call our popular gift exchange parties “White Elephant parties”? Most people are familiar with the symbolic meaning of the term “White Elephant” – in our culture, it refers to an object that probably isn’t worth very much, and that the owner doesn’t particularly want to keep. A White Elephant party, therefore, is generally viewed as an opportunity to get rid of your own unwanted item in the hope that whatever you receive in return will be more useful to you. If not, well, at least you get to go to a party and have… Read the rest »