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Real Gifts, Social Media’s Slowpoke or Opportunity

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
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Color in some fun… Your masterpiece deserves it!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, January 11, 2010
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What is a SOW?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, January 8, 2010
We are coming to the end of the development stage of the AlbinoPhant online party. We have learned a lot about preparing and deploying a internet based application. We have discovered that communication is still the key to getting things done right and finished in a timely fashion. sow image In the world of web site development the Scope of Work (SOW) is the guidebook for preparing the design and writing the code to make it all work. Unlike other pioneering efforts, our project was based upon a well documented real-world party. The white elephant/yankee swap is a proven and fully tested… Read the rest »

Hats Off to the Extra Step in the Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Hosting any event requires determination and ingenuity. We appreciate the efforts of a party host who takes the time and energy to pull off a great social experiences. hatsWe really give a tip of our hat to the host who goes the extra mile to make the party memorable for everyone involved. It is amazing how even the small differences can make a huge change in the level of fun and engagement at the party. It is the host’s responsibility to find the “little extra” that will turn the party into a social explosion. One of the galvanizing aspects of… Read the rest »

Facebook had a Semi-Successful Christmas

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, January 5, 2010
The holidays have ended and most of the predictions have been published. We now start the process of measuring the results and doing comparisons. We list the winners and the losers, the business gains or losses, and start analyzing what caused it all to turn out the way it did.huge group There is one measurement that I have been interested in this year: How did Facebook do? Particularly; how did this social network do in the most social period of the year; Christmas? Well, according to Allfacebook, the season was bright for Facebook this Christmas. Not only did they end the… Read the rest »

Can a Hug really be virtual?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, January 4, 2010
hugging_kittens1If you have learned anything from our blog, it is that we believe in REAL gifts,  and we see virtual-images only as a tool to facilitate real gift giving among family and friends. This idea is rooted in the belief that the internet is a tool that runs without emotion. It is hardware and software, not warmth and compassion. The human element must be combined with these tools in order to create something that is of real value. A virtual hug is a cheap disappointment, and we want to put human warmth into these social networks that are now connecting… Read the rest »

The address was 2010

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, January 3, 2010
coolFor 23-years we raised our children in Cool, California… It is the town where I was raised; located in the Gold Country of California and just across the river from the community in which Sarah grew up. We returned to the Foothills of the Sierras when our children were very young and built a home at 2010 Upper Black Rock Road. christensen For many years, a stone with etched numbers and letters hung at the entry of our drive. When we sold the home, our youngest son and his wife hung the old sign at their home just 15-miles up the… Read the rest »
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