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White Elephant Gift With a Bite – Loftus Vampire Teeth

Posted by MamaC on Thursday, December 13, 2012
Bring a bloody-good gift to the gift exchange Some gifts really suck, but a set of vampire teeth should generate some toothy grins in the white elephant party game… Vampire teeth white elephant gift Here is a White Elephant gift you can really “sink” your teeth into! For those cold blooded lovers in your life – Vampire teeth will be the perfect gift. Now you can fulfill your “Twilight” dreams and become a lover of the night and everything cold. But with these teeth you will really heat up the fun in the gift swap. If red is your favorite color then Loftus BB-0024 Vampire… Read the rest »

Star Trek Spock Cookie Jar- Gift Exchange Party

Posted by MamaC on Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Spock goes where no jar has gone before – A gift exchange Spock Cookie jar for white elephant party “Live long and Prosper” with this unique cookie jar that is a realistic sculpture of Spock. There’s just something so completely “off the hook” about Spock as a cookie jar that you just have to have it. Wrap it up and give it as your next gift at a White Elephant Party! I am sure there will be fights over this amazing piece of our Sci-Fi history!  Westland Giftware Star Trek Spock Cookie Jar, 10-1/4-Inch will please not only the Trekie in your life but will also be… Read the rest »

NFL Spatula & Bottle Opener for the White Elephant Party

Posted by MamaC on Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Are you ready for some football and burger flipping? NFL spatula and bottle opener Touchdown!!! A great White Elephant gift to give to those football fans in your life. A SERIOUS SPATULA for SERIOUS FANS! This heavy gauge stainless steel turner is ideal for grilling large items. The extra large blade has your favorite teams logo etched into it.Take it to your next tailgating party or BBQ, those football fans will love this spatula! Philadelphia Eagles Nfl Big Spatula & Bottle Opener can be a great addition to that BBQ set and a fun conversation tool!  There are many other NFL team spatulas available as… Read the rest »

Take it All – Howie Mandel’s White Elephant Game

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, December 10, 2012
NBC tries a white elephant gift party game Howie Mandel's white elephant game show Tonight is the big debut of Howie Mandel’s new game show – Take it All.                                                                      It is basically a white elephant gift exchange adapted for television. We will be watching tonight at 9pm on NBC to find out if the producers can pull off the magic of a gift swap or or if they will deliver a flop. They have 6 days to impress enough people for the network executives to allow it to continue… We wish them success! ---------------------------------------------------------- PartyWeDoWe are passionate about white elephant gifts and white elephant gift exchange… Read the rest »

Cheech & Chong Bobble Head Dolls-Collector Exchange Gifts

Posted by MamaC on Monday, December 10, 2012
Great for a Collector Gift Exchange Party Gather some bobble head collectors together and swap unique Cheech and Chong gifts. Cheech and Chong Bobble Head gifts “Hey Mannn” This is a set of two bobble head dolls from the infamous stoners, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong! This gift would be the best gift at your office Gift Exchange Party! Each bobble head is hand signed by the appropriate celebrity! Cheech & Chong Autographed Bobble Head Dolls are sure to cause a super “trip” this holiday season. These unique collector gifts are sure to go up in value! Don’t get caught in a cloud of smoke and… Read the rest »

Dancing Cat Speaker – A Moving White Elephant Gift Idea

Posted by MamaC on Saturday, December 8, 2012
Plug in this white elephant gift and watch it bust-a-move! Dancing Cat Speaker This cute kitty will dance to the music when it is plugged into a smartphone or MP3 player. This is one of those magical white elephant gifts that they will talk about for years.. Make sure you put batteries in before you wrap-it so when it is opened the new owner can plug it into the ear phone jack and let it dance! Guaranteed to be the most wanted item in the white elephant gift exchange.. Can be ordered here → Party Animal Dancing Cat Speaker  Dancing Cat Speaker –… Read the rest »

My First Bacon- Tasty Gift Exchange Idea

Posted by MamaC on Saturday, December 8, 2012
Start em off on the right foot by sharing bacon-love early! My first bacon and white elephant gift You’ve got a friend in “meat” and he talks and says “I’m Bacon!” My First Bacon is a exclusive plush toy that will delight your little ones and anyone at your next White Elephant party. Even if they’re not on solid foods yet, your progeny shouldn’t be deprived of the joys of bacon. Soft and snuggly with big giant eyes. My First Bacon is both friendly and reliable, just like actual bacon. I Heart Bacon I’m Bacon! Squeeze him and he says, “I’m Bacon!”. No matter what the situation,… Read the rest »

White Elephant Party Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Posted by MamaC on Saturday, December 8, 2012
Do you Steal or Open? Pick the right white elephant gift every time. White elephant party gift chooser This Executive Decision Maker/Paperweight Is The Perfect White Elephant Gift For Those Who Have Indecisive Moments. Just Give It A Spin And Let It Decide For You Whether To “PASS THE BUCK”, “REORGANIZE” Just “SIT ON IT” And Many More. These choices come up often during the white elephant gift party. The Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight (60-2622) is the best paperweight to possess; no need to get stuck making decisions just spin the wheel and it does it for you! Gift selection decision  Papers used… Read the rest »

How to do a Thrift Store Cash Mob this Holiday Season

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, December 7, 2012
Cash mobs will find perfect white elephant gifts Times are tough for many small local businesses, so a cash mob can really make a big difference. During the holidays a cash mob in a charity’s thrift story could translate into a great deal of good for those in need. The bonus is that these thrift stores hold thousands of great white elephant gifts on their shelves, so shoppers get the bonus of finding the perfect gift swap present as well. Thrift store cash mob for white elephant gifts Because many have never participated or organized a successful cash mob event, we will share a few steps that will… Read the rest »

Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron will fit in a Gift Exchange

Posted by MamaC on Friday, December 7, 2012
Dress up for any Doodie in the white elephant party Fun Gift Exchange gift idea for Daddy-to-be! Daddy’s Diaper Changing Apron – Unique Gag Gift will be a hit this year at any party you have for the holidays! “Daddy’s Doodie”  comes pre-loaded and ready for battle, just slip it on when Doodie calls! Just slip on this soil-resistant (machine washable) shield and everything is within reach. You get all this: Soil-Resistant Apron Emergency Nipples – Two Hilariously placed “bottle nipples” for daddy!!! Re-fillable Pockets Rubber Gloves Colorful Clothespins. Disposable Diaper Face Mask. Cute blonde baby not included GREAT PRICE,… Read the rest »
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