8 Great Gifts for a Gift Exchange Party

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Non-traditional gifts for your 2012 gift exchange parties

Non-traditional white elephant gift ideas

Sometimes a white elephant gift exchange in not what is called for, so other gift giving events will provide the opportunity to share great gifts. No matter the party format, shopping for the right gift can be a challenge.

The best gift is one that is appropriate for whoever you are giving it to, so I hope you have at least a basic idea of this person – what they like to do, where they like to go, and other pieces of their personality – and then hopefully this will translate in to getting a gift that they will actually use and enjoy. You don’t need to be a stalker to know these things, and even if you know absolutely nothing about this person for whatever reason I think you will get inspiration from these 8 gift ideas.

The Gift Of Adventure
If the giftee is an adrenaline junkie, or just enjoys a nice day out in the middle of nowhere, then you should really consider getting them something that goes along with that. It could be something as extreme as bunjee jumping or skydiving, or something a little more tame such as a helicopter ride or even a ride on a hot air balloon. These gifts are not something you would give to someone you barely know of course, so make sure it is something they will enjoy!

Something For The Ladies
Are you looking for a gift for that special woman in your life? Or maybe just a co-worker who could use a break? Then you should be thinking about gift certificates for places like day spas, massage, hydrotherapy, facials, and other things that will be relaxing and rejuvenating. It may seem like a strange thing to give someone who is just a co-worker or acquaintance but chances are they will really appreciate the thought anyway.

Everyone Loves Coffee
Well I guess I should say almost everyone loves coffee, but I suppose if you know this person well enough to take the time to find a great gift then you already know whether they’re a coffee addict or not. If you’re a big spender and really want to impress a coffee lover then you should consider getting them an espresso machine so they can make themselves whatever style of coffee they like at home. If you’re just buying for a general acquaintance or friend then you could go for a gift basket of different coffees, or gift cards for their local coffee shop.

Give The Foodies What They Want
Foodies like food… they like good food, and they like to try new and interesting things. Why not create your own food basket that is completely customized for what this particular person is in to? This is obviously going to be a much better gift than if you just picked out a food basket that someone else made, because you have a better idea of what they want.

Give Them An Education
This is one gift idea that many people never think about. It may sound boring and unnecessary but it doesn’t have to be. Just think about what they have always wanted to try but never went through with it. Do they want to learn how to speak a new language, possibly with travel in mind? Or did they always want to try being a writer? There are so many more possibilities including yoga, art, and whatever else may interest them.

What Do You Get For A Teenager?
Teens are probably the most difficult to buy a gift for. You always run the risk of buying something they liked last year but have already moved on from that. If you don’t want to ask them about it because you want it to be a surprise then try to think of something that they collect, such as shoes or other items. Do they like video games? Then buy them a gift card at a game store. And if all else fails, give them cash, and don’t worry… teens never feel insulted when given cash!

Milestone Birthday Gifts
There are a few milestone birthdays that are always nice to make extra special, and that doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars on a gift. A great idea for these milestones is to get them something engraved that suits their lifestyle and needs. Common choices are engraved flasks, lighters, watches, and even pens. But you don’t have to go for something common – just go with what you think they’ll like.

Do They Want To Travel?
I guess the better question would be: who doesn’t want to travel? It is probably going to be more expensive than other gift ideas, but a special person sometimes requires a special gift. This is something that is difficult to do as a surprise, so you’ll probably want to talk with them about where they would like to go and how you can contribute to their travel plans as part of your gift.


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