Five children create great memories.

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The AlbinoPhant development team may be doing the technical heavy lifting, but there are several others who have provided the rich foundation for this new online party. These others have played this online party for the past 3-years and created most of the features of the game.

This post is to introduce the creative group that started this ball rolling:

Five children were raised in the Christensen home. With seven people in one house, it required some creativity. Without a sense of humor and an atmosphere of fun there would have been more problems than there were. It was in the times of humor and fun that we built our best memories as a family. It is these memories that drive us to build this online party; so that the memories can continue to grow…

These five children have now left the nest and are building their own families. They are doing it with great creativity and fun. Each are using their memories of great experiences in their own homes and adding to the history every day.

Jade is the first child. She is a cancer survivor. She was born with scary lumps all over her head, and dark patches that they called giant hairy nevus, producing malignant melanoma.  She had several surgeries at Stanford’s Children’s Hospital. We will be eternal grateful to the kindness of many strangers and the skill of great surgeons, as we fought this battle for Jade’s first 6-years. Jade is completing her degree in Visual Arts, is very creative and works as a part-time photographer in Oregon.

Barett is the second and he is the charming, people-influencer of the family. It is fitting that his profession is that of a fundraiser for the philanthropy department at Brigham Young University.  Barett and Heidi have two beautiful little girls, and live in Utah.

Soren, named after a great-grandfather, is the middle child and is the down-to-earth, nose to the grindstone, get’r done guy. He is a HVAC contactor in California. Soren and Danielle have two beautiful girls and live in the country where they raise horses, dogs and girls.

Tessa, which means “4th child”, is the fourth child. She is the most introspective and quite of the group. Tessa is completing a teaching degree online. Ricky Dalton and Tess have one active little boy and one cute baby girl.

Halley is the baby of the family and joined the party late. Her older siblings helped raise her and she is very close to all of them. She is very sensitive to everyone’s feelings and is very compassionate.  Halley and Jared Stringham live in New Hampshire where Jared is completing his final year of law school. Halley has a degree in recreation and is a stay at home mom of one cute little boy. She creates designer hair ties for an eCommerce business.

There is really nothing extraordinary about our band of online party developers. We are just like hundreds of families across the country who want to stay close. We found that this white elephant party helps us stay connected and we know it can help others do the same.


The AlbinoPhant Creators
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  • Natalie
    December 3rd, 2009 1:36 pm

    Hello Christensen Family! Great job with the White Elephant game! I haven’t played before, but look forward to it. I don’t know if you remember me, but I played with Halley a lot growing up and attending Northside school. I played at your house! It is great to see this game because I too live far away from home and miss connecting with my family. Hope all is well with your family!

    Natalie McBride

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