A Crafty Yankee Swap

Posted by Princess Phant on Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here’s another interesting twist to the White Elephant gift exchange idea – I’ve just seen it on this blog, AlewivesGirl. Does the thought of choosing a great gift fill you with anxiety? Are you a creative type, who prefers to design and make rather than shop and buy? Then here’s the Yankee Swap party for you: a craft exhange!

A Craft Exchange Party

A Craft Exchange Party

Making your own gift is surprisingly simple, and there are lots of ‘crafty’ people out there who love nothing more than making gifts for their loved ones using their own two hands and a bit of imagination. Go and read this post for inspiration. This group of ladies each bring a hand-crafted gift to their party, and then follow the normal rules of a gift exchange event. They open gifts, swap, and steal just like in a regular White Elephant game, and everyone ends up with a really special, unique gift that was handmade by one of their friends. A special gift to treasure!

Turning your gift exchange party into a craft exchange means that the fun begins long before the party itself does. You get to surf the net or your craft books for inspiration, and then unleash your creative side to come up with a perfect gift. You could set a theme for your party and have all gifts be related to that theme, whether that’s a topic that all gifts must reflect, or simply a method of making them – maybe you’d decide that everyone must make a unique piece of jewelry, or something using needlework.

Alternatively, you can leave it wide open, with the only requirement being that the gifts must be handmade. Guests can knit, design plates, paint, sew, make jewelry, draw, build… the possibilities are endless, and if you’ve got a group of people who love crafts, then this is the perfect party idea for them! Why not give it a try for your next White Elephant event? And let me know how you get on – I think it sounds like a wonderfully fun idea!

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