A Paddle Adventure

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today was the end of canoeing adventure on the Southern Oregon coast.
Six Varsity and Venturing scouts and three leaders enjoyed a few days of water, sun, fun and WIND….

The objective was to allow these older boys (14-18) to immerse themselves in canoeing to strengthening their paddling skills.

And their skills were tested by wind every afternoon!

Our camp was on the outflow lagoon of Siltcoos Lake, which meanders calmly for 2-miles out to the ocean.

The sand dunes spill down and into the lagoon through the evergreens and sometimes topples a tree into the waterway, creating great obstacles for the canoe pilot.

The boys did a great job in the lagoon, but the lake was a different story all together.

By midday the ocean breeze had turned into a full-on wind that turned Siltcoos into an impossibly high chop. Canoes and wind don’t work so well together; and canoes, wind and waves result in wet boys and some water on the inside of the boats.

We adults where happy that a last minute decision to bring a small fishing boat had been agreed upon. The small engine powered boat towed canoes back to the safety of the lagoon several times, after failed attempts forced the boys to give up the afternoon quest to cross the lake.

It was an adventure… and I thank the boys for allowing me the opportunity to share in the experience.

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