Unique Father’s Day Party – White Elephant with a Twist.

Posted by Princess Phant on Saturday, June 13, 2009
Dad opens a fun gift in the white elephant party

Dad opens a fun gift in the white elephant party

As the Princess of AlbinoPhant, I simply love the idea of using a white elephant gift exchange party as a way of celebrating all sorts of special occasions – not just Christmas! And with Father’s Day 2009 coming up, I’ve been looking into new ways of varying the traditional Yankee Swap style game so that you can have a gift exchange party that will make your dad’s special day that bit more memorable for him.

I’ve just read about a really fun new twist on the white elephant gift exchange concept – one that lets Dad leave with ALL the gifts at the end of the party! It’s the perfect way to show him he’s loved. And the best part is, you can use it to treat lots of different kinds of special guest. Maybe your best friend is having a baby, or getting married, and you want to do something more creative than the traditional Baby Shower or Bridal Shower ideas? Look no further!

Whether it’s a bride to be, an expectant mother, or a treat for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you can throw a white elephant party that will give everyone some fun and laughter while ensuring that the guest of honor leaves with all the gifts! Sound good? Read on…

In the usual way, every guest brings a gift to the party. The difference is that these aren’t generic gifts: they’re all bought specifically for the special guest. That’s Dad, in this example, since Father’s Day 2009 is nearly here! Now, before the game starts, the host needs to secretly attach a number to the bottom of each gift. Every number will correspond to a random points value on a list that the host made up and keeps hidden.

Once the numbers are attached, you can start to play! Just play in the usual way, opening and stealing gifts. It will be the host’s job to keep track of who touches each gift, and tally up the points as they build up. At the end of the game, the points will be announced, and the player with the highest score will receive a prize (provided by the host). Dad goes home with all the opened Father’s Day gifts, and the players know that one of them will get a special prize too!

And for an extra incentive, why not also offer a prize for the person who brings the best gift to the party? Each player could receive a ratings card, and rate every gift as it’s opened, on a scale of 1-5. Whoever brought the gift with the highest rating gets a prize as a reward for their thoughtfulness.

What better incentive to put that little bit extra effort into making Father’s Day gift giving even more perfect for Dad!

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