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White Elephant Game – Delux

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, November 22, 2013
White Elephant Delux card game adds to gift exchange fun The white elephant gift exchange party is always a popular holiday event, but  this year a new card game can really add to the fun of sharing white elephant gifts with family and friends. White elephant gift exchange game - delux White elephant card game white elephant game card The white elephant delux game enhances the standard white elephant gift exchange rules, by adding-in unique player requirements written on playing cards.  Each player gets a number card for playing order (26 number cards), but they also get an instruction card.  Players are asked to not look at their instruction cards until… Read the rest »

How to do a Thrift Store Cash Mob this Holiday Season

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, December 7, 2012
Cash mobs will find perfect white elephant gifts Times are tough for many small local businesses, so a cash mob can really make a big difference. During the holidays a cash mob in a charity’s thrift story could translate into a great deal of good for those in need. The bonus is that these thrift stores hold thousands of great white elephant gifts on their shelves, so shoppers get the bonus of finding the perfect gift swap present as well. Thrift store cash mob for white elephant gifts Because many have never participated or organized a successful cash mob event, we will share a few steps that will… Read the rest »

Office Party Games – Add them to your Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, December 6, 2012
Expand the gift exchange party with extra games If you have been given the task to organize the company gift exchange may we suggest the Office Christmas Party Games Pack… Any white elephant exchange or Yankee Swap can be enhanced by using any one of these printable party games. Office Christmas Party Games Pack We thank our friends at Python Printable Games for these fun additions to the party. Now all you need to do is shop, wrap-up a fun white elephant gift and then enjoy the party! more white elephant gift ideas ---------------------------------------------------------- PartyWeDoWe are passionate about white elephant gifts and white elephant gift exchange parties. We will do… Read the rest »

8 Great Gifts for a Gift Exchange Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, October 21, 2012
Non-traditional gifts for your 2012 gift exchange parties Non-traditional white elephant gift ideas Sometimes a white elephant gift exchange in not what is called for, so other gift giving events will provide the opportunity to share great gifts. No matter the party format, shopping for the right gift can be a challenge. The best gift is one that is appropriate for whoever you are giving it to, so I hope you have at least a basic idea of this person – what they like to do, where they like to go, and other pieces of their personality – and then hopefully this will translate in… Read the rest »

The Coolest White Elephant Party Decoration

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, October 18, 2012
An elephant ice sculpture would be very Cool… It is time to start thinking about ways to out-due last years white elephant gift exchange party. How about commissioning a white elephant ice sculpture? The following are some cold hard facts on ice sculptures. White elephant party decorations with ice sculpturesWhen you think of ice sculptures you usually think of parties or weddings but never a monstrosity like this one. In the city of Harbin in China there is a sculpture that has been carved into snow measuring a jaw dropping 115ft high and 656ft long. This is after being constructed in one of the coldest places,… Read the rest »

Lefty the White Elephant – A Gift Exchange Story

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, October 9, 2012
A great white elephant gift exchange idea for 2012 During the holidays we gather family and friends together to share conversation and gifts. A gift exchange has been a tradition in many groups or organizations during the season. White elephant gift exchange story - lefty the white elephant In 2012 consider combining two gift exchange games into one by using the Lefty the White Elephant game ← (step by step instructions). The game uses the story of Lefty to help move the white elephant party to another level of fun and engagement. The format is like a traditional Right-left game that you played in school. There are three keywords within… Read the rest »

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules Compared

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, June 27, 2011
White Elephant Gift Party Rules The most complete list of gift exchange rules anywhere! White elephant and Yankee Swap rules by PartyWeDoThe white elephant and secret Santa exchanges are the most popular gift swapping parties for groups during the holidays. Similar group parties are used by direct sales companies like Tupperware every day of the year. The PartyWeDo recreational experts monitor the gift exchange industry to assist you in finding the best ways to share presents with family and friends. Our team has collected the most complete list of gift exchange rules and suggestions available on the web. We encourage you to share these ideas with your… Read the rest »

White elephant auction and gift swap

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Graveling SOLD – White elephant gift auction Finding fun and unique ways to share gifts between family and friends is a challenge for every group. The white elephant gift exchange is a great tradition for gift sharing during the holidays, but sometimes it gets a little old-hat. white elephant gift exchange and gift auction AlbinoPhant attempts to mix-up the fun by offering several variations of this classic party, including an online white elephant gift exchange. Try a combination auction and white elephant exchange for your next gathering and be amazed at the fun and conversation that you will start. Remember that the most important component of the… Read the rest »

White Elephant Gift Exchange with a Song

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Caroling white elephant gift exchange rules This is an opportunity to add a little musical fun to your regular white elephant gift party. You will need a CD player with a pause button and some Christmas Carol CD’s (make sure they have words and not instrumentals). Place the CD player where the host or an appointed “carol-leader” can have access. White elephant gift exchange with a Christmas carol #1 Start the white elephant gift exchange as usual, with the presents in the middle of the group and with every player’s name in a hat for drawing. #2 Draw the first name and start the first musical carol on… Read the rest »

Musical White Elephant Exchange – Handel’s Style

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, June 6, 2011
White elephant gifts that get “handled” The white elephant gift exchange party is a social gift sharing event used extensively during the holiday season. Many groups play the standard version of the game, with the standard white elephant gift exchange rules. White elephant gift party with Handel's Christmas musicOur recreational specialists strive to provide you with some interesting new twists to this traditional gift party, so we have designed the online white elephant gift party for those who have distance to contend with. But if you live close to friends and family you might want to try the Handel’s Gift Can-Share-Go this season. The Party Rules The… Read the rest »
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