Color in some fun… Your masterpiece deserves it!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, January 11, 2010


We have a 3-year old grandson staying with us for a while. I have noticed his coloring books… He colors outside of the lines most of the time.

He uses several colors as he randomly selects the crayons from the box and applies them to the printed images.

I am not sure if he uses so many colors because he is bored with what one crayon delivers, or because the box holds so many choices that he believes that he must try them all…

On the other hand, I have a 6-year old granddaughter who is meticulous about her coloring. Her images demonstrate her ability to stay within the lines and a thoughtful choice of just a few colors from the box.

Both of these efforts hang on our walls with equal value to their grandparents. Each represent an expression of the fun that coloring can bring to a child, and the love that families can share using simple things.

How do you use your crayons?
Take 5-minutes to explore why fun will bring a little color to your life.

A thank you to Chris Brogan for introducing this video to us…

Life is a party, that plays out in full-color and includes coloring inside and outside of the lines…

We are committed to finding fun in life and sharing it with our family and friends.

Why not color your life with just a little bit more fun too…?

Thanks to aka @obilon for the image

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