Cow Vacuum – White Elephant Gift Outstanding in Field

Posted by MamaC on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make a smart Mooove – Clean-up at the white elephant exchange

This small tabletop vacuum is formed like a small cow, and people are going to love it during the gift exchange party. Wacky white elephant gifts make the exchange such a wonderful social experience. The Cow Vacuum will cause people to say HAY, what a great gift!
Great white elephant gift - Small Cow Vacuum

Make crumbs and tiny dust balls disappear with an Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum – Cow
These powerful tabletop vacuums operate on two AA batteries. They easy to use one touch operation makes this mini vacuum a useful and convenient.

This cow is so adorable and to have it be something so functional was just too cute. You might say that this is an Udderly amazing white elephant gift.
Wacky white elephant gift ideas


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