Distribution can be fun, even across the country!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, May 26, 2010


fun distribution We each understand that family and friends scatter over time. Some move on to other opportunities and sometimes outside circumstances require a change in local.

It would certainly be more convenient if everyone stayed in the same community, but people leave, making distribution between them harder.

There was a time when distribution simply meant walking across the street or just driving a few miles to make deliveries. Sometimes that still works, but for many it doesn’t fit, so the traditional distribution method fails.

Distribution companies have adapted to this human dispersal and have created some great solutions. Some solved the issue for packages and others for written messages.

Today we can choose many package delivery options: Peddling messengers, a postal carrier, a brown truck or an overnight airplane.

The computer has really made an impact on the distribution system, particularly the written message. Even a letter seem as slow as a snail in today’s delivery systems.

Enormous effort has been made to make computer messaging more engaging and fun. New internet tools have bridged the distances and connected dispersed groups like never before.

But package delivery is harder to make fun, because it is so utilitarian and wrapped in many necessary efficiencies. Fed-ex is not responsible for fun, they are focused on; “when it must get there overnight”… We don’t expect fun in the package delivery business.

We may never be able to make the actual package distribution process into a memorable experience, but maybe we could make the delivery of a package more anticipated by recipients. Maybe we could contribute to a memory of something fun, when the Fed-ex guy shows up at the door. It may be possible to melt away some of the distance, at least in a virtual way.

Heck… We have millions believing that they are good farmers and powerful gangsters when they are on a computer in a virtual game…

If we are creative in our package distribution process, then we can find a way to make each delivery become more fun.

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