E cards bring real life into the online human party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, March 31, 2010


E cards are everywhere on the internet, but Allfacebook picked a few cleaver cards to display on their blog this week. One of them caught my attention and got me thinking about life in this new century.

It must have captured blog contributor Raj Dash’s thinking as well because he suggested, “… publishers like Someecards get to the heart of the human condition about our social media addictions, especially to Facebook”.

Here is the card that started this Soomee card

The modern human condition includes several issues addressed in this statement.

First, we want to be supportive and contribute to the quality of life for of our family and friends. Birthdays and other significant life events lead us to find ways to reach out and be more supportive.

Second, we are moving at a fast pace, so we are continuously exploring ways to trim time out of all of our efforts. When we find a way to become more efficient, we attempt to move some of our tasks into these tools.

Last, Facebook represents an efficiency tool, as well as a bridge spanning great distances. Support for family and friends is enhanced when this internet tool is applied to both local and distant personal connections. We can now feel more involved in the lives of those whom we feel close.

The cleaver statements from Someecards are part of a support structure that the internet is now making more convenient for millions of people. As time goes by, more and more applications will be developed for the sole purpose of spreading friendship and love among people who care for one another. Giving is becoming easier, even when distance keeps us all apart.

We welcome the new sharing tools…. What do you share with friends online?

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