Ebay is making delivery fun with a box

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You know that PartyWeDo is dedicated to making gift delivery more fun. Now it seems that Ebay is also getting into fun box delivery as well.

ebay boxEbay is not helping you sponsor a group gift party like we do, but their green team has found a way to make the delivery box share in the fun.

They suggest that a box may be reused as many as 5-times as it passes around different items between family and friends. Because a box is reusable, they have created a way for the box to share the history of its travels.

The box lid has several places to share the individual stories as it move from place to place. There is even an online site to help make the box delivery process be more social.

We appreciate the fact that others are discovering that the delivery process can indeed become more fun, as we invent the new tools to engage each other in the process.

Way to go Ebay; for thinking inside of this box and joining us in making it seem like the UPS driver wears a party hat!

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