Ebay joins the group gift exchange party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Another giant in online retailing is moving closer to the online party concept. Ebay announced a new group gift giving application for sharing gifts.
group gift
Retailers understand that gift giving in the US is a 100-billion dollar market, and that families and friends support each other in groups. Millions of groups gather every week to celebrate birthdays, weddings, baby births and more. Right now we do the gathering in homes and businesses, but in the future we will do more gathering and giving online.

Ebay is taking a step in the right direction with this gift purchasing idea. The cost of gifting and the increased expense of travel makes online solutions to sharing practical.

Ebay is finding ways to join these groups together in an online group activity that centers on gift giving. You get the social interaction and the added personal reward of being supportive to someone you care about.

It is a party that we do when we want to join in gift sharing. Now Ebay is suggesting ways to link with others in the shopping experience. Ebay has always been a good source for white elephant gifts so taking the next step makes perfect sense.

All of this gift sharing, gift shopping and gift exchanging with online tools will someday make the delivery of gifts to distant groups be like giving UPS drivers a party hat…

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