Facebook and Twitter miss the Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, November 1, 2010


dave_mcclureDave McClure is a business venture explorer who blogs about start-ups and invests money to help them succeed.

He wrote an open letter discussing the gap that Facebook and Twitter leave in the social fabric of the internet.

His discussion involves the problem of intimacy in social networks and describes what each of these social giants do right and wrong.

Many internet participants feel the same gap when it comes time to have personal discussions with tight-knit groups of family or friends on Facebook.

But there was one statement that really caught my attention in his rant… “Intimate relationships that might just monetize more powerfully with 3 close friends, than they do with 300 acquaintances.”

We spend billions of dollars to support our most intimate relationships. We don’t spend any money gathering the wall posts of thousands of Facebook “friends”. We share fun and personal connections with those we are really close with, not with an avatar who befriended us.

In a world of hopeful monetization networks, we know that the online party is the perfect place to spend time sharing the intimate feelings and support that only happens between true friends.

We at AlbinoPhant are letting the world know that they can share great relationships and fun gifts from any distance using internet-based social game rooms. White elephant gift parties can be hosted and played online, just like they are in the real living rooms and church basements around the country.

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