Facebook can add real value to gift giving

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, March 22, 2010

ShareMaren opening gift

Facebook can add value to the gift giving experience when it is used as the network was intended.

Social networks are built to support and connect individuals who care about each other. The real support comes from giving something that has true value to those who are important to us in real life.

This is why we reject Virtual Gifts as gimmickry!

We see virtual gift purchasing as wasted money with little value as a true support mechanism between friends. Virtual items have become moneymaking gimmicks for developers who profit from our desire to connect and support one another, just like we do in the real world.

We suggest that Facebook can better support families and friends in the gift giving process by promoting ways to share real gifts through the network.

Developers and Facebook can monetize the social conversations and add real value by facilitating the purchasing, distribution and delivery of real gifts.

The following slides visually illustrate why Facebook can add value to real gift giving.

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