Father’s Day Gifts – Have a White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Dad gets his gift stolen

Dad gets his gift stolen

You might more commonly associate gift exchange parties with the winter holidays, but with Father’s Day 2009 almost upon us, why not consider doing something different for Dad on his special day? Let’s face it – gifts for dads aren’t hat difficult to come up with. Golf accessories, cologne, a new tie, a car accessory, or a fun novelty gadget… gifts for Father’s Day are pretty easy to pick out! But what if you could make the Father’s Day gift giving a bit more exciting and fun for everyone involved?

By holding a white elephant party, you’ll be sure to make your dad feel special this Father’s Day. How you do it is entirely up to you – there are plenty of ways to vary a traditional Yankee Swap game. Maybe you could get a group of your friends and dads together – the sons and daughters bring the gifts, but it’s the dads who play the gift exchange game! They get to unwrap, steal and swap gifts in the usual way, without having to actually bring any. It is their day, after all! Meanwhile, you and your friends can be waiting on them hand and foot: bringing them drinks and snacks, or perhaps even preparing an unforgettable Father’s Day meal for them to enjoy once the game is over. Father’s Day gift giving just became a whole lot more fun!

Or maybe you’d just like to keep it in the family, and make your Dad the celebrity guest. So many people spend time searching for unusual Father’s Day gifts, but why not make the Father’s Day gift giving itself special? Make sure that all the gifts are things that he’d love to receive, and possibly even change the rules slightly in his favor! You could, for example, give him an extra “steal” option, to maximize his chances of getting his favorite gift of the lot. Be creative and imaginative, and you’ll make Father’s Day 2009 a celebration that your dad will remember!

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