Fun white elephant gift delivery with UPS

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, June 17, 2010

FUN is the new Cool

Fun gifts and delivery join online parties like AlbinoPhantFrom Volkswagen to Venture Hacks, FUN is becoming very cool and so is fun white elephant gift giving!
The people at VW have started an initiative to demonstrate that; “fun is the easiest way to change people‚Äôs behavior for the better”. Also, the people at Venture Hacks are suggesting that start-ups could use the science of games to make starting a business more FUN.
There are now presentations and commentaries on how the psychology of game play will create more FUN.
WE LOVE ALL THIS FUN…. It is now Cool to be FUN!
(we have included a FUN video from VW at the end of this post)
This trend toward FUN is exciting for a party that puts the FUN into gift giving. We like to think that when a gift is sent to a distant friend, we put the party hat on the UPS box!
Our intention is to provide several engaging party activities that will allow family and friends to pass out the gifts in a FUN way… From any computer!
Our first is the AlbinoPhant white elephant gift exchange party.


Click through these slides and see how to put a party hat on your UPS driver…
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