Fuzzy White Elephant Gift: Ever used a Slingshot Duck?

Posted by MamaC on Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter is the perfect time for a Fuzzy Gift Exchange Party

Gift Exchange parties are great for sharing fun and support for your family and friends during the holidays. Easter time has always been a time to gather and enjoy some time and gifts together as a group.

We suggest that an Easter white elephant gift exchange would be a unique activity for this holiday season, and that having a fun theme makes it even more interesting. So, because Easter has it’s fuzzy little bunnies and chicks, we suggest that you consider a “Fuzzy-Gift” exchange…

You can prepare for the standard white elephant gift exchange, but for this party you will want to suggest that all the participants  bring gifts that are somehow related to “Fuzzy“.  Remind them that the more interesting the gift, the more  fun and the greater the level of banter that will come in the party. There are many fuzzy things to choose from, so you should see some great gifts opened and shared during the Easter gift exchange

In order to give your creativity a boost we thought that we would fling-up the Slingshot Flying Duck.  This unusual white elephant gift will really get the conversation sailing around the room at your Easter party.

Plus... A slingshot fuzzy animal can propel itself across the room when it gets stolen during the gift swap party!

The Fuzzy Easter Duck

Slingshot Flying Duck

This is what happens when an Easter Chick grows up?

The SlingShot Chicken!

Slingshot Flying Chicken

Slingshot chicken in action
These fuzzy gifts are from the AlbinoPhant Marketplace

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