Get a free Chipmunk with each car

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have the perfect used car sales pitch: Get a Chipmunk with every car sold!

Tessa, our middle daughter, just purchased a used car. On Saturday it was sitting in our driveway when I saw a chipmunk heading toward our front deck, from under the car. This was strange, because we don’t have Chipmunks in our neighborhood.

I went back into the house and told everyone of the Chipmunk sighting and I was given a lot of grief (Old age jokes, memory-loss and what are you smoking).

chimpmunkThen on Sunday morning Tessa witnessed the same thing and validated my story (They should never doubt dad!).

That afternoon, the family dog (A Dachshund, with a nose for trouble) started sniffing frantically under the front cowling of Tessa’s car. When I popped the hood and looked down in the radiator cavity, I had a face to face encounter…. Alvin the Chipmunk was living under the hood!

After the initial discovery, I have been unable to find our new friend again. I think that the Chipmunk has made Tessa’s car his motor home, so I will need to do more investigation and find him another home.

It is interesting to note that in Oregon it is against the law to transport wild animals, so Tessa is basically a lawless animal smuggler every time she goes to the store.

I bet you didn’t get a free Chipmunk with your last used car!

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