Giving Voice to White Elephant Gifts

Posted by MamaC on Thursday, December 12, 2013

Voice changing microphone adds fun to white elephant gift party

The best white elephant gifts do something to engage the party participants.  This voice changing megaphone will give the gift swap players many ways to engage the audience in some holiday fun.

White elephant game banter

The Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith allows the white elephant gift recipient the opportunity to make their voice be heard at the party – In a very fun and unique way. Engagement is the hallmark of the white elephant gift exchange game and this gift will allow for great participation between the players. Once the players hear the unique voices that the gift can deliver, they will want to steal it and add their voice to the fun.Voice changer as white elephant gift

 Voice changing toy

The multi-voice changer comes with a battery, and as long as you keep your mouth close when talking, and hold the “trigger” the entire time, the changed voice is by far louder than your normal voice. You can change the settings to lots of different combinations to get different voices by using the switches on the device. You will all have a ball passing it around and being silly (who doesn’t get a thrill out of sounding like Darth Vader)? It is definitely fun.

Are you the kind of person that would buy your brother’s or sister’s kids a drum set or other loud toy just to get a rise out of them? If so, this should be on your short list. Once you get one you will like the fun so much, you will need a second one. It has a half dozen or so switches, each with an up or down position to make various voice changes to choose from.  A great white elephant gift to give to friends or relatives with kids and a healthy sense of humor !

 It’s definitely durable, and will drive parents crazy. You might finally resort to hiding yours, but  every once in a while you will need to pull it out and go nuts with it.

Unique white elephant gift ideas

This fun white elephant gift will make your event even more fun than you can imagine. The voice changing toy is an example of a great gag gift idea that makes the white elephant gift exchange such a popular holiday tradition. If you need more unique white elephant ideas you might head over to the Wacky ‘n’ Wild store and see what fun you can find.

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