Got Game? Casual, Social and Online Party Games

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, June 28, 2010

Even online white elephant games


Social, casual and online party games are very engagingThe game market has fractured into several niches over the years. Gaming includes everything from board games played around a table to social games that only live on Facebook. It has been interesting to watch the gaming space evolve and expand with the assistance of the internet. Today, there is an online version of almost every game known to man including white elephant gift games

Companies like Zynga have millions of players using social networks to play games that involve farms, fish and you name it… These are called social games.

EA made it’s fortune producing and distributing video games for the X-box/Playstation crowd and now is moving into net-based games.

Hasbro has ruled the board game category for years and is now into online gaming. Television game shows continue to draw good ratings, with some game shows, like Family Feud, making the transition to the web as well.

The point is that there are many ways to play games, and millions find time to enjoy a game on the internet regularly. Game play is a big and diverse business!

Now a new niche is beginning to emerge on the web: The Party Game..

These are the party activities that we have learned at countless birthday parties, bridal showers or company parties. They are being developed as mimics of these familiar party games and used to support online parties for the important life events.

It seems logical that if every other genre of game has made a move to the online world, that Party Games will be in the space eventually as well.

Our family has even played and shared white elephant gifts in an online game.

What Party Games do you enjoy? Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Spin the Bottle, Yankee Swap or maybe Truth or Dare?


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