Fun white elephant gift ideas by Mama C

White Elephant Parties are Fun to the Max!

I raised 5 Children of my own and as a recreation manager have help thousands to experience fun and engaging activities throughout the years. By far, the White Elephant Gift Exchange is the funnest group sharing event that I have experienced.

The Gifts Make the Game…

It is critical to get the right gifts into game so that the fun conversation will convert into magical laughter. Gifts that move or make noise will always be a hit within the party.  I have seen times when a slingshot chicken was nearly worn out from all the “stealing” and sailing-it across the room!

Shock Value Gifts

I have also seen gifts get the banter moving when they rattle a cage or two… I still shake my head when I see how much fun a Farting Santa brings on the party. Note: Make sure that you put the batteries in the gift that you bring! If it doesn’t actually make a noise or make the movement, it won’t have the impact…

Check out my Markets…

I am adding new ideas all the time, so keep checking in. If you find something fun to share, let me know in a comment box or email me at Partywedo at and I will make sure to tell others what you have discovered. If we work together we can continue to make the white elephant gift exchange the funnest party of the year.

You’re going to Love the Party!

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