Great White Pumpkin Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, October 26, 2012

Secret Santa Exchange – Halloween Style

We came across this idea in a forum discussion on the internet. We thought it sounded like a fun and unique gift exchange party for the Halloween season.

White elephant gift exchange with great pumpkin theme

What is it?
You’re familiar with Secret Santa? Well, this is a Halloween version. People that sign up will act on behalf of the Great Pumpkin and purchase a gift for another randomly assigned participant. The “Great Pumpkin” is code for “Secret Santa”.

How It Works
You sign up and get randomly assigned a gift participant. You’ll be sent their info and have a limited time before Halloween to send them a gift. Another person will get your info and send you a gift. Everyone gets their gifts and much Halloween happiness ensues.

Your Gift
The minimum cost should be $10 USD, not including shipping if done at a distance. There is no maximum but don’t expect a life-size Headless Horseman to show up at your door. You don’t have to spend the entire amount on a single item. Bargain/dollar stores can have some cool stuff and give you more bang for your buck. If you use the white elephant gift shopping rule of thumb, then the best gifts inspire conversation when they are opened.

Wish List
There should be a sign up form to list things you and others would like to receive. Try to list at least four or five things to give your Great Pumpkin something to work with. You could list favorite imagery (witches, pumpkins , etc),  favorite monsters or even favorite candy (please don’t send $10 worth of candy!) Some Great Pumpkins may be artsy people, it may be helpful to mention if you wouldn’t mind getting a handmade gift in case they want to send something unique. Feel free to also list some things you would not like to get.

A Touch of Magic
In addition to your gift,  you should also include a little “touch of magic.” What this is, is up to each Great Pumpkin, but could be anything from a signed note letting them know who you are, to little toys to a small Trick or Treat bag with treats. Doesn’t have to be anything big – get creative!

You are responsible for keeping track of the dates and getting the gifts sent out  in time for Halloween.

You can can ship via a third party (ex: Amazon) if you want. If you do this, order confirmation information may be supplied in addition to tracking information. International shippers, if you can provide customs info that would be helpful as well.

Have fun

Call it Great Pumpkin or Secret Santa, the idea is to share gifts and fun with those you love.  Have a great holiday experience with this unique gift exchange idea.

Wacky white elephant gift ideas

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