Happy Birthday Facebook

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, May 25, 2010


facebook babyThis has been an interesting year for the rambunctious infant business, Facebook. Like any two-year-old they have moved everything in the room up at least one level.

When a toddler comes into our house we immediately move up the knickknacks and put the door locks on the cabinet doors. If we don’t, they would be into everything!

Facebook has moved from crawling to sprinting around our internet houses like a whirl-wind. And this growth spurt has caused some growth pains for many.

But like any birth date, we should celebrate what has been accomplished in the last 12 months, and then look forward to what might be ahead.

Nick O’Neill of AllFacebook said it best: “While the past year has been a bumpy one, hanging on to the rocket that is Facebook has no doubt proven to be an exciting ride”!

Happy Birthday Facebook…. We should throw you a party…

Maybe a huge gift exchange? I know of an application that would be just the ticket!

And it is on Facebook….

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