Sarah and Bruce Christensen

White Elephant Gift Enthusiasts

White elephant gift exchange experts - The Christensen'sSarah has a degree in Recreation Management and Bruce likes playing family games. They are the perfect combination for sharing white elephant party ideas.  Using Sarah’s expertise and experience in organizing and producing large group events, the Christensen’s are helping others create great gift giving experiences as well.


A white elephant blog

They have a passion for white elephant giftsand gift exchange parties. Because they raised 5 children on a budget, they found gift swaps to be a fun way to share and play together at the same time.

They contribute to this white elephant website to share the ways that families and friends can share fun gifts and great social experiences without breaking the bank.

The AlbinoPhant site has all things White Elephant, including a way to play the game online with distant friends and family members.

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Sarah keeps her eye out for the wacky and unique white elephant gifts that will really add great conversation to the gift exchange party. You will find many gift ideas as you search this site.

Gift Exchange Ideas

Over the years they have invented several variations on the standard white elephant gift party.  In the AlbinoPhant pages you will discover several ways to make these gift giving events even more special.

Try a unique gift party White Elephant Exchange

thefamilyThe Online Party

The Christensen’s are an ordinary family with the desire to share something extraordinary with you.

AlbinoPhant – The Online White Elephant Party, came into existence when our family was feeling a loss of connection, due to distance.  A few years ago, Halley, the youngest of five, was getting married and leaving us with an empty nest.

For years, we had played games together and we still had a desire to share gifts and activities with each other.  Yet, it was impossible to get together from all over the country and play in person.

Three years ago we started playing an online white elephant gift exchange game between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It began simple and each year we added some fun features to the online party.  Last year the party lasted 19-days and we shared over 800 comments, images and videos during the gift exchange. It truly turned into a social explosion and an addictive experience that we talk about all year long!

The AlbinoPhant party game is not a silly virtual gift application, but a real party atmosphere where we shop for gifts, wrap them up virtually and then share them in the exchange, on a common playing page.  The gifts become part of the conversation and we banter, argue and poke fun at each other, just like we would at home in the family room.  When the online party game is over, the gifts are sent out to each person by a delivery company.

Because this is a party, it is a bit more complicated than most social games.  But when you think about it, most parties take a bit more effort than other social activities.  Even with some extra steps, we know that you will find this online party to be more fun than any casual online game you could join.  After all, what is more social than a party?

We know that you will have a great time playing the AlbinoPhant, white elephant party online with your friends and family.  Host a party and you will be the hero of the group; the bold one that everyone admires!

On behalf of the Christensen, Dalton and Stringham families…. We welcome you to AlbinoPhant.




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Now read the real history of the White Elephant Gift Exchange…

You need to know the real story of White Elephant giving, because it’s much easier to make the connection between real, prized, sacred White Elephants belonging to Burmese kings, and White Elephants as we know them: gifts at parties! White Elephants were historically – and are still – extremely important and valuable creatures in certain Asian countries. Receiving one from the king would be a huge honor. You would be the envy of all your friends and family if you were given such a noble and expensive gift from the king!

White Elephant gift exchange parties developed partly from this idea. It would be nice to receive a special gift… but unfortunately, it’s not always possible to purchase great gifts for all your friends and family members. Let’s face it, gift giving can become a really expensive business during the holidays. That’s how White Elephant parties came to be so popular, cutting down on expenses and providing a bit of relief to those feeling the pressure at a pricey time of year.

White Elephant Gift Box - AlbinoPhant

This way, instead of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, guests at the White Elephant party need only buy one generic gift, usually within a certain price range. That takes the stress out of trying to find just the right gift for each person! And not only that, but the White Elephant gift exchange concept eliminates the problem of friends or family members showing up unexpectedly when you don’t have a gift for them.

It’s a simple idea, and one that quickly caught on as a fun way to take the unnecessary stress and expense out of the holiday season. Particularly in the United States, the popularity of the White Elephant gift exchange party spread, and today it’s a much-loved way of having a good time with family and friends at the holiday season. Everyone brings one gift and leaves with one gift, making it fair, no matter how many unexpected guests show up. And there’s the added advantage of being able to see all the gifts being opened, and having the opportunity to fight for your favorite one – meaning that everyone has a chance of leaving with a gift that they really do like, even if it didn’t appeal to the original opener of the gift!

White Elephant parties have changed and evolved over the years, but at its core it has always remained an entertaining way to spend time with loved ones, share gifts, save money, and above all have fun.