How Coffee can amp-up the White Elephant Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, October 29, 2012

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The holidays are filled with excitement even without any extra stimulants, but some parties may find coffee as a great addition. Sharing white elephant gifts while drinking coffee can really warm things up.

white elephant coffee cup giftDo you really need an excuse to plan a party? Okay, maybe you don’t but if you’re looking for a new idea to gather friends and family and have a good time, why not use coffee as the central theme? As one of the most popular drinks worldwide, it just makes sense to plan an event around different types of coffee much as you would use different varieties of wine. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Coffee Tasting

Most people have never tasted a large amount of roasts and varieties. Why not plan a coffee tasting event? Head on over to your local market and scope out the freshest beans available that represent different types of coffees and roasts. You may want to include a strong, French roast, an Italian roast espresso bean, a chicory blend, and perhaps a freshly roasted Colombian. The idea is to include various acid levels, bodies, aromas and flavors in order to introduce your guests to a good cross section of the many different coffees available.

In between tastings, make sure your guests have bland crackers to munch on in order to cleanse their palates.

Coffee Pairing Dinner Party

As a good host or hostess, you would certainly think carefully about the wines you paired with the various courses planned for a dinner party. Why not use the same care in pairing food with different coffee drinks?

Here are some suggestions for a coffee pairing brunch: a starter of rustic bread and cheese soufflé served with a freshly brewed cup of Kona, a palate cleansing course of fresh berries and Kenyan coffee, followed by rich, dark chocolate brownies and a cup of cappuccino made with Guatemalan beans. Top off the meal with espresso shots.

Coffee Klatches

For a casual gathering of friends or perhaps a holiday family breakfast, a coffee klatch is a great way to ensure everyone enjoys great food and drink. The practice of the traditional coffee klatch gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s when most wives stayed home. Their social time revolved around a cup of coffee shared with a neighbor or friend in the kitchen and perhaps a plate of cookies or a slice of cake, which the Germans referred to as kaffeeklatsch.

Although the term isn’t used much today, it’s still a popular practice in some regions and it could certainly make a comeback as coffee enjoys growing popularity. Why not bake a breakfast cake, brew up a strong pot of coffee, and serve the two with a diverse selection of flavored syrups and cream?

It doesn’t require an alcoholic beverage to plan a party that guests will rave about! Try making your next white elephant gift exchange one that revolves around coffee for a unique, and delicious, gathering.

Damien Higgins writes for Eden Springs. Eden Springs coffee machines will make a great addition to the next office party.


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