Howie Mandel’s White Elephant – TV Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A White Elephant Gift Exchange on NBC

Howie Mandel White elephant gift exchange on NBCPopular TV host Howie Mandel is adapting the popular group gift exchange game into a television game show format. The white elephant gift exchange is popular in family and friend gatherings so it is logical that a TV version would be in demand. NBC has stepped in to purchased 7 episodes of Howie Mandel’s White Elephant.

The early reports suggest that the game-flow will be similar to the traditional white elephant gift exchange rules, with presents opened, gifts revealed and the possibility of stealing between players.

We also understand that the white elephant gifts in this game show can be extremely valuable – Like those that were shared by the ancient kings of Siam. In fact, Howie does look a little bit like the guy who played in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I. Therefore, we wonder if they are going to dress Mr. Mandel up in a traditional costume like King Mongkut of white elephant gift giving fame.

White Elephant TV Party

AlbinoPhant is thrilled that this party is being adapted to television. The more the game is played, the more people will learn of the fun that comes with these gift sharing parties. The producers of Howie’s White Elephant program are welcome to use our site as a resource as they develop this show.

Online Version

With this new Mandel-hosted show the gift exchange game can be played ether with family and friends or observed on TV. But did you know that this same game can be played online using the AlbinoPhant game application? The recreation team at AlbinoPhant has tested and developed a way to gather people together on a computer to have a white elephant gift exchange online. And just like all of the other variations, real gifts are the reward for attending the party. We invite you to give the online version a try sometime.

We wish Howie Mandel great success with the new White Elephant show!

You’re Going to Love This Party!

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