Is a Brizzly Picnic like a white elephant gift party?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Louis Gray shares cutting edge trends he finds on the internet. Today he shared a new feature from that allows family and friend groups a chance to have private (or public) chats together, sort of like a traditional white elephant gift exchange.Comparing Brizzly to online white elephant party application

Louis suggests that the result is “a fun free-flowing environment to chat with friends, family and colleagues without fear of the content going public”

As I read of the features that are a part of the new Picnic system, I am struck by how similar this is to our Banter Box on the AlbinoPhant game play page.

From the Brizzly site:
“You can do what you’ve been doing on other social networks – sharing links, posting photos & videos, making jokes, having conversations – but with specific groups of people”. “You can also upload photos from your computer and take photos with your computer’s webcam. Link to a video from YouTube or Vimeo and we’ll embed it so it’s playable right inside the picnic”.

Brizzly’s Picnic and AlbinoPhant’s “Banter Box” have the same features that add to the conversation between close family and friends.

The online party process in AlbinoPhant and the Brizzly chat system approach groups from different directions. Brizzly is a reader that works with Twitter and Facebook. AlbinoPhant and other PartyWeDo events are gift distribution parties that use the banter and sharing features to enhance the white elephant gift giving experience for the group. Both systems enhance the networking potential of a specific group. Each service adds to the fun free-flowing chat that develops when people of a like mind get together.

We take our hat off to Brizzly for joining the party!


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