Is Target or Amazon the best party host?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Share Take a moment and imagine how Target could dominate the U.S. gift market and move ahead of Wal-Mart in the all important gift segment. They could add extra value to the gift shopping and gift distribution process by offering to host the party.

Retailers work very hard to capture and keep customers who are shopping for gifts. They know that they will be back several times a year in an effort to support their family and friends in birthdays, weddings, baby births, holidays and much more. Many stores have started gift registry systems where they give a scanner gun to build a wish list. These computerized registries are used for the convenience of family and friends during the gift selection process. This service is part the of the extra value gift retailers use to keep sales within their store.

What would happen if Target took the gift support business to the next level and attached a complete event center onto every store in their chain? Not only would they provide the gift registry service but they would also provide a place to gather for the party. Both services are extra values provided to capture most of the gift sales to support the millions of family events that happen all year long. They could then throw in some party planning assistance, help with the invitations and provide the games needed to make the party a success…

Do you think that consumers would see the value in shopping for gifts at Target if they received all these extras?

Now imaging that Amazon had the same thought… But instead of getting dressed and driving to the Target store, you shopped and partied right from your home, on the computer. In addition, all of your family and friends could do the same, without having to travel. Amazon would shrink the distance that separates us and would allow everyone to attend these important parties. View the slide show and see if you agree…

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