KHMA teaches White Elephant Gift Exchange

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, January 21, 2013

How to do a white elephant gift exchange – Video

In three minutes you can quickly follow the basic rules of the white elephant gift exchange game. You can also get an idea of the fun white elephant gift ideas that are put into the game by these creative students…

The students from Purdue University share some of the fun from their Christmas social with this video. You can see that any good party is joined by some great food,  lively conversation and a bunch of fun. The white elephant gift exchange game helps to add to the fun and conversation, keeping the party active and engaging all the way up to the end.

Read the white elephant game rules
We suggest that you take some time to understand the rules of the white elephant party game and then watch this video again so that you can pick out all of the steps of the game.

We thank the Krannert-hispanic-management-association (KHMA) for sharing this fun YouTube video of their party.

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