Mayan Doomsday White Elephant Party

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It is all over December 21, 2012, so you don’t need it anyway

Have a big ticket white elephant party.According to the Mayan’s everything that you own could be considered a “White Elephant” before the end of the year – December 21st  to be exact…

So why not have a massive white elephant gift exchange and swap things that are very valuable or expensive – You won’t need them anyway, right?

Wrap up the Rolex, Box up the keys to the Bentley and bring them to the Mayan Doomsday white elephant party.The more valuable the item the better! Who knows this all might blow-over and you would come away with a new Bentley!

They say that the only thing that we take with us is our memories, so then let’s make sure that all of our friends have great memories of a last party together. Have some fun and final conversation with family and friends and then everybody goes home with a very expensive gift- What could be better?

Dress for Success

We suggest that you take the time to dress-up in your favorite Mayan garb and bring a gift that is so valuable that everyone will be fighting to take it home. Remember that this is the party to end all parties – It is time to go all-out out and leave broke!

If you don’t want to swap your most valuable stuff, then consider a gift exchange full of Mayan related gifts. We have gathered together some ideas for you to explore..

Have a Mayan Domesday white elephant gift exchange and then hope for the best on December 22nd!

We wish you success and we hope to have you with us in 2013!

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