Mom expert on online parties – maybe white elephant style?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Maria T. Bailey makes her living by knowing what Moms want. Today she shared what the Mom Market will look like in the next 5-years.Experts look into future at online party applictions like white elephant gift exchanges

It is exciting to witness the rapidly evolving mommy market first hand, and then to see experts validate some of the thoughts that Sarah and I have had as we prepare our online white elephant gift party concept we are calling AlbinoPhant.

Maria suggests that in next five years we will see Tupperware parties hosted online, using computers and social networking tools that virtually mimic the home party systems of the past. She sights evidence that this is beginning to happen on Twitter for baby showers.

We are demonstrating that the AlbinoPhant concept will add an even greater level of engagement into the online home party plans of the future.

These five year predictions also suggests that there will be Moms who will build loyalty in a family brand that will link generations together for many reasons. This is evident in our family even today.

Sarah remains the anchor of our family brand and is the most active in gathering the generations together on the internet. It was Sarah’s desire to connect that lead us to start sharing gifts as a family on the internet. This web activity lead to the creation of the AlbinoPhant party and ultimately to the business of PartyWeDo.

Maria should also take into account that millions of Moms will become empty-nesters within the next 5-years, just like Sarah is today. These women will be desperate to find ways to stay involved in the lives of many generations, all at the same time. These women will want to share gifts in a more exciting way, even when the family is dispersed around the country. A Mom’s giving nature will provide a great many marketing opportunities for e-Retailers in the future.

We are excited to be on the leading edge of these trends and thank forward thinking women for their efforts to keep family connections strong.  The AlbinoPhant white elephant gift giving online is just another way that women are move social networking toward real life experiences.

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