Endorsements for white elephant Fun and Games!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, July 13, 2010


fun20and20gamesYou can’t have a great party unless there is some sort of group activity that breaks the ice and spools-up the fun. Usually these activity involve a game that gets everyone talking and escalates the engagement…

There is a growing number of thought leaders who are suggesting that fun and games will put a happy face on the world. Chris Brogan suggests that we take some time and watch a video presentation by Jane McGonigal, a game expert.

Ms McGonigal’s thoughts seem to endorse the work that we are doing to provide family and friends an opportunity to play games together and then share real gifts during important life events.

She shared some wonderful ideas on how to change the world by playing games. She suggests that we have a highly trained and skilled group of problem solvers, involved in game play. She claims that if we channel their efforts in one direction, we could see remarkable results for the people of the earth.

We are training ourselves to solve world problems with games…

The average 21 year-old will have spent 10,000 hours playing games, or about the same time they will have spent in their school studies. There are 500 million people on the planet that spend at least 1-hour per day in games. So the training system seem to be in place to fix many problems.

Here is a real world problem that affects millions of dispersed families: Gifts arrive by a delivery service in a rather dull manner and without any emotion…. just a delivery guy and a brown box…

What would a gamer suggest to solve this problem?

You are correct… A GAME!

The gamer solution would be to add in some fun memories that could be triggered when the box arrives at the door and find a way to bring back the excitement of sharing gifts into a virtual white elephant gift game.

The McGonigal video tells us that “games create a supportive structure that helps bring our best self forward” and supporting research suggests that “we like people better after we play a game with them… Even if they treat us badly.. it builds trust, bonds and cooperation”. Games within a close group of family or friends only increases the odds of a good result.

It makes perfect sense that we could cooperate and solve many pressing world issues, if we took a fun and games approach to these problems.

The gaming industry is a hot investment right now, with game developers receiving big investment deals, and major entertainment companies entering the gaming space. This should only add to the “game as a problem solver” opportunities on the internet.

The world of fun and games is expanding and we are thrilled to see this playing out in front of us every day…

We have designed AlbinoPhant to be a white elephant game that can be played online. So all of this notoriety for fun and games is basically and endorsement for the online white elephant gift exchange.

Thanks to Kaleidoscopeylife for the image

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