Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant

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A White Elephant honor from the kingdom of Thailand

White elephant award from ThialandEvery country has its top-level awards – like the Congressional Gold Medal, or the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Country of Thailand has high-honors as well.

Here at the white elephant gift exchange headquarters, we strive to highlight all white elephant focused information so that you will be a completely informed party host. Therefore – We give you Thailand’s highest honor…

The Exalted Order of the White Elephant

Listed as a high honor by the King of Thailand, the White Elephant award has a long history.  It was started in 1861 by King Rama IV of Siam (now Thailand) as a recognition of the dedicated service of governmental leaders. Today the king still presents the honor to high achievers within the country.

In the Dusit Garden of Bangkok they conduct induction ceremonies for the Exalted Order of the White Elephant. On the garden’s property is the Royal White Elephant Museum and a small temple with an alter dedicated to bestowing the white elephant medal upon the citizenry. These gifts from a King are in the same tradition of ancient albino elephant giving that has created the basis of modern white elephant gift support.

The true history of the white elephant gift is different from the modern and greatly revised description of these royal elephant gifts. Some identify white elephants with something of a lower value or and item with high-cost and low utility.  Obviously in Siam and modern Thailand, the value of a unique elephant gift is very high indeed.

AlbinoPhant suggests that we all treat white elephant gift giving as a special occasion. It is a time when we share support and fun with those we care about – a very high value endeavor.  By understanding the social significance of white elephants to the people of Thailand we can make playing this modern-day gift sharing game even more engaging.

The Master of ES Award

AlbinoPhant white elephant award - Master of ESYou should consider adding your own “high-honor” award to your next white elephant party.  It is called the Master of ES and it is awarded to the player who is the most engaged and active in the gift exchange game.

As the host you could observe and score the players as you  judge the most engaged in the party. At the end of the event you could make an announcement and award the prize.  Purchase a medal from the Dollar Store or create your own special gift for the person who is the most Extraordinarily Superfluous… (go ahead look it up).

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