Online Gift Exchange Breaks Tyranny of Distance

Posted by PartyWeDo on Friday, September 25, 2009

There are no reminders needed to bring to mind the current economic doldrums for empty nesters and their dispersed children. Money is tight and the cost of travel creates increased restrictions on their regular family gatherings.

Some call this phenomenon “The Tyranny of Distance”. Yes, now distance has become the de facto tyrant of family connection.

Harder to gather today

Harder to gather today

When everyone lived close, family celebrations only required setting a time, notifying everyone and then purchasing the gifts. But today, thousands of miles separate us; giving distance and travel costs tyrannical power over each of us.

These economic restrictions have not stopped some  traditional family activities from finding a way around the problem of distance. We still ship gifts to one another and attempt to spoil grandchildren from a distance. We still attempt to connect by phone, webcam, email and social networks. But the rich personal connections are much more difficult to produce in today’s realities.

Distance has challenged our personal closeness, particularly during holidays or other special occasions.
The internet is delivering many great tools to break the grip that distance has placed upon us. Many creative applications are springing up to reduce this tyranny of distance, even while saving family resources.

There is an online version of the white elephant gift exchange that is attempting to breakdown some of these restrictions. It is allowing families to stay connected in a much richer way than ever before in the online space.

This online gift exchange party uses several tools of the social web, and then wraps them into a traditional party activity. Like any yankee swap, Chinese exchange or Dirty Santa party, this online mimic provides a way to share gifts and to connect individually with family and friends through game play comment streams.

New eCommerce systems allow families to shop for gifts and then share those gifts with one another, without expensive travel costs.

Parties have traditionally been the unifying activities for special family events, so these online parties should feel natural, as they are used to stay connected.

Using the web to connect and to share during our special life occasions will become our personal protest against the tyranny of distance.

What are you doing to beat the distance?


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