A Train Wreck or a Facebook Monetization Solution?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, September 14, 2009

A bold experiment is setting up on the edge of the social train tracks. This test could result in a train wreck, or it could be the answer to Facebook’s monetization strategies for the future.

Facebook has been very generous with developers who ride the rails and live off the power of its mighty engine.

The Facebook Railways

The Facebook Railways

This new application is preparing to demonstrate that the huge Facebook train system could transport 220 million passengers past hundreds of markets, where Facebook could be the landlord and make a fortune.

This experiment is called AlbinoPhant. And it is a white elephant gift exchange hosted on Facebook.  The white elephant party is not new, but AlbinoPhant does something different. It mashes Facebook with Amazon eCommerce and PayPal to become an actual gift merchant on the Facebook railway system.

AlbinoPhant is an real mimic of the traditional yankee swap/white elephant party and therefore, real gifts are purchased and delivered to each player in the party. There are no virtual gift mumbo jumbos (pun intended) from this application. There are real merchandise sales, and there are real opportunities to profit.

The business model for AlbinoPhant is based upon selling gifts to support family and friends during the holidays. It is wrapped in a well known social party game, only done online among Facebook friends.  This holiday party is just the start of the ways that Facebook could transport their users past gift purchasing opportunities during the year.

Facebook users all have one thing in common – They have friends and family riding the same train. These contacts have real-life events that call for real gifts to be shared.  They have birthdays, wedding and babies. They graduate from school; they have bar mitzvahs, quinceneras and baptisms. They purchase new homes and they retire.  And with each life event, they use gifts to demonstrate their support for one another.  These are not virtual happenings, so in the real world they don’t send a virtual table setting to the bride to be.  They shop with real money; and they could be shopping in a Facebook application.

What AlbinoPhant demonstrates is that Facebook applications can facilitate the giving by providing the shopping service along with the party.

AlbinoPhant is the first application to debut from PartyWeDo, a company that is taking traditional party activities that involve gift giving and building them into an online gifting solution for family and friends.

If this first application does not come off the tracks; then they will work with a large network like Facebook to find ways to rent space to  gift merchants and share in the profits. Facebook could act like a property management company, providing space for the vendor kiosks at any number of Facebook Grand Central Stations.

Facebook owns the train system. They can put the engine on any track that they want. They just need to steer the train into the right station; then stop and let their passengers shop and have a good time.

Could this be a train wreck, or THE answer…?


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