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Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great Business Blogger

Great Business Blogger

Becky McCray is a champion of small business survival and success. She uses her influence from her blog, Small Biz Survival to spread the word and give encouragement to those of us who choose to take big risks.

I met Becky at the hotel’s Continental breakfast during BlogWorld of 2008. I was about to display as an exhibitor for the first time at BlogWorld, and she immediately became supportive.  She demonstrated an openness and interest in our small business that made me feel at ease and confident to meet the challenges of a struggling economy.

I have since followed Becky’s blog and shared in her conversations. She and her fellow authors share much of the human side of small business survival and success. The blog even has a “Brag-Basket” that allows readers to brag on someone each week.

This year at BlogWorld 09, it was a great opportunity to renew the personal connection with Becky and to express gratitude for the inspiration that she was in our decision to move forward with the AlbinoPhant application.

These blogging conventions are like a huge white elephant gift exchange of information, with many talented people swapping their expertise, creating conversations and then we all leave with a gift of greater knowledge.

Social media professionals like Becky have allowed even technical outliers to join the party. They are fellow small business owners who share their knowledge and personal connections to raise all the boats in the water.

Thank you Becky for all the inspiration that you spread.

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  • Becky McCray
    October 19th, 2009 8:01 am

    Bruce, you are an absolute gem. Thank you, from my heart.

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