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Posted by PartyWeDo on Sunday, November 1, 2009

A spectacular suspension bridge connecting Nevada and Arizona is nearing completion. Construction crews have worked on this bridge for several years and the views of the dam, lake and canyons will be spectacular.

A bridge for the generations

A bridge for the generations

I have worked in construction for many years and have an appreciation of what can be done with concrete, steel and human ingenuity. So you can imaging how impressed I am with this dramatic bridge project…

But, today I received a photo in Facebook that really impressed me… These are my two oldest grand daughters building a memory for me. A dramatic memory, constructed from fuzzy flannel and pink polka-dot material.  A memorable image of a set of silly faces that I cherish.

Someday I might travel from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and the new bridge at Hoover Dam will save some time and will display great vistas for my drive.  But the picture of the bridge will never hang on my refrigerator as a shrine to marvelous construction, like this costumed duo will, starting tomorrow…

My daughter-in-law’s construction of these cute costumes demonstrates that concrete and steel are not mutually exclusive to strong bridge construction. These kids hamming around, captured and shared in social media, is why the internet can be such a powerful bridge between generations.

Facebook, along with many other powerful web tools, have used great ingenuity to build bridges that span far greater distances than any river canyon.  Just this Halloween, we have used Skype to learn what a grandson in New Hampshire wore for trick or treat, a cell phone image to witness the costumes worn in Utah by two other granddaughters, and Facebook to connect with all the rest.

Before these marvelous bridges of connection were made available, we could only use the slow twisty road of old systems.  It is like a trick of magic how we are transforming our lives with these applications, in so many great ways.

It has given us real treat this Halloween.

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