I am Kicking myself… I didn’t answer the door!

Posted by PartyWeDo on Saturday, October 17, 2009
Did you here that knocking?

Did you here that knocking?

Sometime opportunity knocks and we ignore the door bell.

Yesterday I sat in an excellent presentation from Jay Berkowitz of TenGoldenRules. Jay is a master of sharing lists of 10 golden strategies.  He offered hand-out to all the attendees, which was a unique touch… He also gave prizes for those who participated in the discussion.

It is the participation part that I am kicking myself about today.   Strategy #8 is cleverly titled App-etizers; the use of applications to build sales.

Jay completed a short explanation of how custom applications can be used to:

  • Make it easier to use Social
  • Make it easier to get your content
  • Make it fun

At the end of his statements he turn to all of us in the audience and asked: “Are any of you using an application to make money on your site?”  AND I SAT IN MY SEAT!

There were many powerful bloggers in the audience who might have been interested in how we are monetizing a Facebook application by selling gifts. This is unique idea and would have made a good story, but I kept my mouth shut…

Jay threw me a softball and I didn’t even swing at it..  Opportunity knocked and I was thinking wrongly.

I should have stood up and shared.  I am not timid.. I am usually pretty brave at speaking up…

But when the opportunity came to make a small pitch, I didn’t even get the ball out of the mitt.

The #8 Strategy in Jay’s presentation at BlogWorld 09 will always remind me to listen for the knock and answer the door!

What balls have you let fly by?

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