Launching a Start-up is like a Wedgie on a Rope Tow

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Starting and launching a business is rife with challenges. Especially when founders are new to the industry or find themselves blazing new ground. Fumbles and follies can be very painful, as these pioneers learn new paths and get familiar with new tools.

Mistakes are easy to make, but very hard to hide. Internet missteps can be so embarrassing that we might just decided to fold our tent and go home; tail between legs.

Watch this video before we continue this discussion…

Seth Godin’s blog concerning the ipad launch is helpful for those of us who occasionally feel the discomfort of the “Start-up Rope” between our legs.

Apple launches products like a gold medal skier; a combination of grace and power. They know the ropes and can navigate the terrain better than any novice start-up could ever dream. Most internet launches don’t yield the visible success that Apple has demonstrated with this latest launch.

In fact, most launches cause discomfort to the founders finances and embarrassment to their entrepreneurial ego. Yet, the key to eventual success for any enterprise is spelled out in a couple of Seth’s 10 suggestions:

7. Be willing to fail.
9. Don’t give up so easy.

Wise council for those of us who choose to lace-them-up and march out into unfamiliar territory…

Encouragement for all who grab hold of something new and learn from stupid mistakes…

Sometimes launching causes that wedgie-like embarrassment of the rope between our legs.

Final NOTE: Let’s try to be patient with those who pioneer. The next YouTube folly may be of you!


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