Let’s Ask Ebay… Can even the complex move online?

Posted by PartyWeDo on Thursday, December 10, 2009

We are at the leading edge of the online party introduction. Many are asking if something as complex as a traditional party can be transformed into an online application.

How do you take a regular group activity and turn it into an online mimic of the real thing?

Further; how do you turn the mimic of a traditional gifting venue into a revenue source for online sales activities?

Let’s look at eBayebay-headquarters

First… Look at what it takes to do a regular off-line sales auction:

The auction requires that many details are completed for a successful sale.
* There is gathering of the items for the sale.
* There is the cataloging and detailing the descriptions of each item.
* There are preparations for storing and then displaying the items for sale.
* There are the bidder lists and the invitations to come for bidding.
* There is the auctioneer who must be scheduled and compensated.
* There are the preparations for the auction ring and the bidding area.
* There are the multiple functions that support the day of the actual sale.
* There is the money exchange between sellers, bidders and the auction house.
* There is the out-bound freight of all the items that are sold.

How could all of these complex traditional activities be translated into an online version of a real auction?

Ask eBay!

Before eBay proved that some very complex tasks could be organized and understood by online bidders and sellers, nobody considered it possible.

Today, do we question if a traditional selling venue, like an auction, could be built and work effectively online?

No… We point to eBay!
Who would have believed in 1995 that the auction niche would become such a powerful force in today’s internet?

Now… Let’s talk about parties…

Let’s look at what it takes to host a party for a group who want to share real gifts:PartyWeDo Logo

* There is the scheduling of the date.
* There is the invitation list and the distribution of the invitations.
* There are the gift shopping and wrapping tasks.
* There is organizing and decorating the room for the event.
* There are refreshments and maybe some desert or drinks.
* There might be party favors or prizes that need purchasing.
* There are the party activities to plan and organize.
* There are the welcoming and the other host duties at the event.
* There are introductions; there is crowd control and some small talk.
* There is the gift table to manage.
* There is the clean-up and the thank you notes to send out.

How could all of these complex traditional activities be translated into an online version of a real gift party?

Get inspiration from eBay… Then proceed to demonstrate that online parties can mimic the same experiences that family and friends enjoy when they gather together to share real gifts.

In 2009 AlbinoPhant is demonstrating what is possible for the gift party niche.
PartyWeDo seeks to leverage the positive experiences of Ebay, Amazon, PayPal, Facebook and others to build a catalog of online party activities to support the gift selling and giving processes.

Moving the traditional party online will take some time to develop, as people learn that it is possible. But eBay has demonstrated that even complex traditional activities can be converted into web success.

There are over 300 million people in the US that purchase or receive gifts several times each year. PartyWeDo is positioned to help many of them buy and pass gifts around in a fun-filled party atmosphere.

Ask eBay if that can be done…

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