Missing Grandma’s House? – Family travel reductions

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, October 27, 2009
...Grand mothers house we go.

…to grand mothers house we go.

With almost 20% of Americans choosing to travel less this year; will personal and family connections suffer from the reduced involvement? The answer is probably yes. But there are some solutions that can help fill part of the gaps.

In a survey conducted by American Express and reported by Media Post’s Jack Loechner, we learn that; “19% of the general population who traveled last year will be staying home in 2009”.

The survey also suggested that more people are going to drive this year instead of flying, which will further cut into the quality family time this holiday season. When you consider that just over 60% of us did no holiday traveling last year, we have the makings of a very blue season. Which means, we won’t be seeing grandma or others as much as we would in better economic times.

But families can be creative when finding a replacement for this loss of face to face visiting.  The personal visit can be replaced by a virtual connection made in one of the many social networks or applications on the internet.

With these new web-based tools, Grandma can see the new baby on Skype… The young professional can share her thoughts and pictures with Mom and Dad through Facebook… And Uncle Bob can use YouTube to show-off the gifts he opened at his holiday party.

None of these solutions are as good as the feeling of sitting with friends and family around a warm fire, but the internet can replace some the connections that distance may have cooled.

Many of these online applications allow us to remain close, even when distance and money are restricting our travel plans. Joining together online will at least provide some measure of the family togetherness that we all crave during the holidays.

This year we may be traveling less, and missing a few hugs, but online activities like AlbinoPhant will bring grandma a little bit closer to her family , even if we don’t go over the river or through the woods.

What are you doing to share the holiday spirit online?


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