Pulling up a stool in the Facebook kitchen

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, October 27, 2009
The Facebook Kitchen

The Facebook Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the gathering spot for friendly and relaxed conversations. You would think that the living room would be the spot for the gathering, but friends generally end up in the kitchen to be closer to the host.

Kaila Colbin wrote an insightful piece for media post this week where she allegorizes that the social web is like these two rooms of a home.

She suggests that a party setting finds friends gravitating to the kitchen rather than the living room.

She also suggests, and we agree, that web interactions are more efficient and effective when we are in the right social room. In other words, if the Kitchen is where your group wants to gather, then you should forget decorating the living room and focus on socializing near the sink!

AlbinoPhant is an online party that relies on the web for its platform and its very existence. It has become apparent to us that our users are in the Facebook kitchen and we need to be pulling up a stool in the middle of the action.

AllFacebook blogger Nick O’Neill suggested that “Facebook is increasingly becoming a place for families” as he wrote about some of the family applications that have also parked in the Facebook kitchen.

The online white elephant gift party is built to join family and friends to share gifts in a social setting. The Facebook cooks have mixed in all the ingredients for these sharing activities for our target audience, so we have chosen to dine at their table.

The fact that Facebook is currently testing gift sales is further evidence to us that our party is sitting in the right room.

Thanks to Willow Decor for the image.

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