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Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, October 19, 2009

I am continuing to document the kindness of strangers; who give of themselves so that others can find success in the social web.

Willing to Share

Willing to Share

You have got to love the person who can use a great play on words to make a point. Jesse Stay was born with a leg up in this department. His blog is called Stay ‘N’ Alive and he works in the social connection industry, helping others stay alive in this space.  (He also went on a STAYcation with his family last year, but that is a different story).

Jesse has kindly taken time to assist us in determining how we should deploy AlbinoPhant online.  His recommendations, plus those of other thought leaders, have lead us to build a Facebook application for a white elephant gift exchange party.

From the first meeting, and even through BlogWorld this past week, Jesse has offered up his personal connections to assist in our efforts. (Disclosure: We will be hiring Jesse as a consultant, but he has shared without compensation)  Early on he recommended that we read the blogs of Nick O’neill and Justin Smith to learn what Facebook is doing. He suggested that his friend Louis Gray should be  followed, and we have.  These recommendations from Jesse’s to his personal connections have elevated our game and assisted us to STAY on track (sorry Jesse couldn’t help using the play on words here).

At BlogWorld, we renewed our acquaintance, and then Jesse continued to use his personal connections to move our story along. He talked about the online white elephant party with Steve Rubel, who met me to learn more and to get one of the PhartEphants. He connected me with Rachael Herrscher who runs, saying her audience would be a great fit for online parties that connect families. And, he delivered one of our stuffed elephants with a T-shirt to Louis Gray.

These kind acts from well connected people have blessed our efforts and renewed my faith in the goodness of people. AlbinoPhant will have a better chance to Stay alive and grow because someone has shared their personal connections with me.

Who is helping you stay connected?  Are you sharing your connections with others?

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  • Jesse Stay
    October 19th, 2009 8:58 am

    Thanks for the kind words Bruce – can’t wait to work with you more on this!

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