Trampled by a crowd and enjoying it

Posted by PartyWeDo on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gift-of-timeWednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week I plan to be trampled by 14 little feet…
And, I will enjoy every minute of it!

For more than a year I have been working hard to build an online party application that will demonstrate the value of giving real gifts through social networks. We are still working on many bugs and finishing several projects so that it will perform as it should. I have many tasks that remain on the to-do list….

But this week all of my grandchildren will be in our home, and I plan to just lie on the floor and let them crawl all over me.
I will probably get drooled upon, find spit-up in my hair, and be exposed to a dirty diaper or two… Nevertheless, I have looked forward to these days since last summer, when we found that all of our five children and their families would be in Oregon for Christmas.

Even though I really want people to receive the benefits of giving real gifts online; and I know that I could move the process forward right now,  I will neglect, at least for a while, this start-up venture and fill my time with some of the true gifts in my life…

These little people are the best gifts from our great family relationships. The seven wiggling, giggling little people have become more precious to me than anything that the Amazon/AlbinoPhant market could ever display.

The happy faces and joyous sounds will push aside any frustrations that I might be experiencing with a development team who is moving slower than I want.

The happy trampling will remove from my thoughts the need to market this new niche for the internet.

These youngsters will be the focus of my time commitments for the end of week, so the business will have to wait. My gift to my 7 grandchildren will be TIME… (grandma has a tree full of regular presents for them)

Chris Brogan discussed his time commitment for this holiday period, and I respect his choice to put in some extra effort while the “iron is hot”. But for me, I will turn it all off and just lay down in the middle of the floor and enjoy some of the gifts that my life has given me.

This party application is an out-growth of our family relationships. It had its beginnings in a game that we have used to keep us closer; so in some ways my decision to spend time being trampled is demonstration of the importance of our party.

It has been five years since our last family gathering, so will take this time to bond with those I love and enjoy the trampling of 14 little feet…

Merry Christmas.

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