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Why do we need an online gift distribution system?

graduation giftThere a millions of people on social networks who are connected ether by strong friendships or genealogy. These relationships often result in gift giving opportunities several times during the year. The gifting process works well when using traditional distribution methods.

But this process has been a bit of a problem for social sites like Facebook, so they have attempted to replicate gift giving using virtual gifts. These “Un-Gifts” don’t have the same value as something that is real, so there is not much real support provided with these virtual items.

Families and friends give gifts during birthdays, weddings, baby births, holidays and more as a means of support.

These actual gifts for important life events have traditionally been handled outside of any online social network, so we need new applications developed to pass out the real gifts on Facebook.

Gift distribution is very important all year long…

We are now in the graduation season and Americans will spend an average of $88.01 on gifts for about two students this year. According to the National Retail Federation, total spending on graduation gifts is expected to reach $3.9 billion in 2010.

Distribution of these gifts is usually accomplished through one of three methods:

Personal; where the gift is handed directly to the recipient.

In a Party; where gifts are shared and opened as a group.

Shipped; where the gift is sent through the mail or via UPS.

This slide presentation will explain how one company is preparing to help us pass out the gifts on Facebook, for any occasion.


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