Complex – Equals Higher Engagement

Posted by PartyWeDo on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There are two types of party formats:  Conversational and Participatory

Gifts are Conversation Starters

Gifts are Conversation Starters

Parties that encourage participation include organized activities, and are much more complex than those designed just for visiting or networking.

Like a real party, the AlbinoPhant online white elephant party is a deeper experience than most online social interactions. In fact, it could be said that AlbinoPhant is one of the most complex and deepest applications on the Facebook platform.

AlbinoPhant is a real gift exchange party, just like the millions of gift swaps that are played in family rooms, community centers and church basements, all across the country.

To make a mimic of a real party experience, the developers had to mimic the gift shopping experience,  allow for virtual gift wrapping and then prepare a party room for the gift swap to unfold.

Beyond this, was the challenge of the gift revealing process, building in the opportunity to steal gifts, along with a system that tracks who got what gift; all in the craziness of a white elephant gift exchange.

The development team created a measuring system called the Banterithm, to tally the various engagement activities of the participants, so that awards could be presented.

Then there are gift ranking systems and gift voting programs to recognize superior shopping skills.

They have added several viral opportunities to share the game action into Facebook  walls and to push updates of the party onto other social networks.

Even the invitation management is unique, because a gift party can not start until the gifts are purchased and participants have joined the party.

At the end of the event there are the awards to present, and the final notifications of the outcome of the gift swap.

Finally, all those real gifts need to be actually purchased and then shipped to hundreds of thousands of doors.

This complexity required that the development team mash-up eCommerce applications, Facebook applications and payment systems to allow party invitees to shop for a gift, wrap it for the party, use it in the exchange and then get the  gift delivered to their door.

For this to work, a team from Facebookster, Gyrofly and Intentional Internet combined to develop the interfaces between online merchants and Facebook’s social operating system.

The online white elephant party might be complex, but just like traditional gift swap parties, AlbinoPhant combines conversation and participation to create a memorable experience that connects families and friends.


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