White Elephant Parties and the Fun Theory…

Posted by PartyWeDo on Monday, November 2, 2009

Social networks are very engaging walkways through today’s web experience.

The question we continue to ask is:  How much more engagement could you yield when you add extra FUN along the way? Would people stay longer or return more often, if a smile came to their face during each visit?

We like to think that transforming a social site into a fun party game, would increase engagement. This is the reason that we are sharing a holiday party that revolves around fun this season.

Volkswagen is also helping us prove this point with a project they have titled the Fun Theory.  Pete Cashmere reported more details on this project for Mashable where he wrote:

Among the experiments: does turning a set of subway stairs into a real-life piano encourage people to use them (answer: yes, 66% more). Another experiment asks whether making a trash can sound like a 50ft-deep well will make people pick up their trash.

Both of these experiments in engagement demonstrate the value of FUN to get people more involved.  More fun does indeed add to more participation.

Volkswagen and their agency have created a very viral video campaign, but they have also helped to demonstrate how online party games will add to regular social engagement. Web users traveling the trails and climbing the stairs of social networks will find themselves more engaged when there is fun involved.

Time will tell whether the AlbinoPhant online white elephant party will prove that fun equals higher engagement in social spaces. But if it does, then many other fun party activities will find their way onto the pages of Facebook, Twitter and the other social sidewalks on which we travel.

Thanks to Volkswagen and their agency DDB Stockholm for these videos and test results. We will share a couple of these for your entertainment and education… Enjoy the extra engagement this video FUN will offer:

The Fun Stairs Experiment
The Deep Trash Can Fun Test

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